Hospitality Fund

In a market saturated with competitive and volatile investments, the principals of Conor Acquisitions have proven a perennial pedigree of aptitude and success since its inception. Our primary discipline is to acquire high valued hotel assets within specifically targeted markets. We do not limit our focus to any single geographic or demographic area in order to remain flexible and explore every opportunity available to us. We believe in a deep-rooted culture of competitive advantage and acquiring assets at a rate far lower than what the market demands. Our expertise in identifying undervalued assets sets us apart from our competitors. Due to our innate size and maneuverability, we are able to deploy and perform our analysis on each asset with a much faster timeline, allowing us to be aggressive on terms rather than price when working with sellers. We generate revenue through the cash flow that the property generates, quickly refinancing after Property Improvement Plans (PIPs) have been implemented, and upon disposition (sale) of the asset. We believe our extensive experience allows us to perform detailed analyses at a high caliber, implement PIPs even on the most complex renovation / repositions, as well as stabilize and manage cash flow during and after any renovations to deliver the highest value.

The Company targets a plethora of markets with attractive valuations, providing exceptional yet sustainable yields and favorable long-term prospects. We base our performance on a variety of demand generators. We pursue opportunities where we can create and add value with our industry knowledge, relationships, and reputation. With those attributes we will continue our growth to the next level with Conor Hospitality Fund, where we aim for growth through our vision, integrity, and values. We strive to exceed expectations and deliver outstanding value to our hotel guests, our employees, our communities, and our investors. It is our objective to increase operating efficiencies and create value-added improvements that translate to our guests. Through our efforts, our investors will receive returns on invested capital greater than the industry standards. For more information, please select the invest option below.

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